A digital 3D artist and animator, Tony M Fowler, is known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that falls under the umbrella of surrealism. His work challenges observers' perceptions of reality, psychology, nature and wildlife, and fairytale.

Tony’s art foundation originated from his elementary eras; pencil sketching, collages, bas reliefs, watercolor, and oil painting. In his college eras, he mastered fine art, board-drafting, airbrushing, and pen-ink illustration. In his 28 year line of profession, he was skilled CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Draftsman in creation, modification, analysis and optimization of architectural and roadway design; in addition, he created 3D renderings for presentation, client proposals and concept study.
Since 2012, Fowler is devoted to 3D digital modeling and painting which is purely 3D computer-generated. He masters diverse 2D and 3D software in creating enchanted artworks and animation.
Each one of his work is a map of his journey into illusion, often metaphorical and figurative objects are used as symbols; the human form is often only alluded to. Instead of relying on cultural sources, he explores deep motives of unconsciousness that are easily understood because they are universal. He models using the language of dreams, comparing things that "should not" exist together in an often otherwise realistic style, making it easier to accept.
Several of his work is compared to a puzzle whose code needs to be discovered; yet he invites the audience to provide their own interpretation of his art.

Tony’s artwork is created with visions of supernatural realms, doorways into parallel realities, and glimpses into the world of absurdity. The irrational and the mysterious is expressed, however, is inevitably invaded by the unreal: violin heads, floating bowler hat, penny farthing as time machine, Edison light bulb heads, beautiful woman’s legs, suspended hands and lips, countless masks, continually changing and leaving their characters for different roles. He feels that majority of people became accustomed to propaganda, ideology, politics, social media, and established perception and do not notice this; he find it useful to turn everything upside down to wake them.
Force Ten is the Beaufort scale that measures wind conditions on land and sea, Tony's art reflects various interpretations and perceptions of different climate, strength, dimension, mood and life.​

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